Measures COVID-19 virus

17 Mar 2020

The Dutch government has tightened measures and advice to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Like many other companies, we have also taken measures to contribute to this.

Our employees will service you from home

Until April 6, our employees work from home as much as possible. They can log in to our systems here and can be reached by telephone or e-mail. You can simply reach us at the well-known telephone numbers and e-mail addresses:

General 088 - 273 32 00
Team Risk 088 – 273 32 80,
Team Employee Benefits    088 – 273 32 40
 Team Private Clients 088 - 273 33 20
Team Pension 088 - 273 32 70
Team Claims 088 - 273 33 30,

Due to this way of working, you may have to wait a little longer before you contact us or receive a response. We ask for your understanding.

No participation in meetings and gatherings

Our office does not plan big meetings for business partners in the coming period. For meetings and gatherings to which Vanbreda employees have been invited, they will only participate if fewer than 15 people will be present. If the meeting or gathering takes place in an area where stricter measures apply or if there are more than 15 participants, our employees will not be attening.

Appointments by telephone or via video call as much as possible

We ask our employees to convert appointments with relations as much as possible into a telephone appointment or a video call. Visits in personal only take place if this is really necessary and only in areas where no stricter measures apply. Also, iIt is then checked in advance whether those involved have symptoms or have had contact with someone who has been in a risk area in the past 14 days. If this is the case, the appointment will still be converted to a telephone appointment or a video call.

More information

The measures we are taking now will apply until April 6. Depending on any new government measures and their effects, we will consider whether we need to adjust our policy (in the meantime). We will of course keep you informed of this. Would you also like to be kept informed of all developments surrounding the COVID-19 virus? Consult the following sites:

General: National Government website on COVID-19
Health questions: RIVM
Questions about traveling abroad: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Do you have any questions about your insurance policies that you have taken out through Vanbreda Risk & Benefits? Then you can of course contact us. Our advisors are happy to help you