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Group health insurance: more than just an employment condition

Many employers regard a group health insurance scheme as merely a fringe benefit. You naturally want good health insurance for your employee, preferably at the most competitive price possible. But group health insurance offers many more advantages. Advantages that are not known or hardly known and can bring many benefits in terms of care, absenteeism and healthy staff. Not only nice for your employees, but also for you!

Lower absenteeism, lower absenteeism costs and increased productivity

Health insurers and companies have a common interest in limiting healthcare costs. The starting point here is that prevention is better than cure. Healthy employees are absent less often, are more productive, are happier and consume less care. And for you as an employer, this means less fuss where absenteeism is concerned.

Insurers invest in prevention

An increasing number of insurers are therefore investing in prevention. In doing so, they want to join forces with employers in order to keep employees healthy and in work. They therefore often offer all kinds of extras for you and your employees. A number of examples:

Extras for your employees

In order to keep your employees healthy at work, insurers offer, for example:

  • more generous allowances for your employees
  • waiting list mediation
  • free online health care programmes for a healthier lifestyle

Extras for you as an employer

But many insurers also offer extras for you as an employer, such as:

  • providing insight into the health risks within a company
  • support in reducing these risks
  • support by an expert in the field of intervention

This means that your group scheme will offer you solutions in terms of health, employability and productivity. And there is almost nothing that you have to do yourself.

Take advantage of the possibilities and save on costs

The exact possibilities depend on your health insurer, the size of your company and the number of members in the group scheme. In any event, a group health insurance scheme is more than just insurance for your employees. Would you like to know what more possibilities this group scheme will offer? We would be happy to examine with you what extras your insurer offers for you and your employees. Together, we ensure that you make the best possible use of the possibilities offered by the health insurer to work on the health and employability of your employees, thus resulting in less absenteeism, improved sustainable employability and vitality (and thus productivity) and cost savings.