Your risks in the digital world properly insured

The transition to a digital world began years ago and is omnipresent. This transition has had many positive effects on communication, documentation and efficiency. Paper-filled filing cabinets have been replaced by a simple hard drive or 'the cloud'. Regular post has been replaced by emails that take just seconds to send. However, digitisation also introduces new risks such as hacking, data loss or cyber attacks, which could threaten the continuity of your business. It is important to be aware of such risks and to cover them wherever necessary.

Guaranteed business continuity with the special data insurance policy

Data-related incidents are becoming increasingly common. The consequences often go beyond business operations and may involve financial ramifications. Other dangers are a reputational damage or a liability to disclose confidential data. In addition, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA) could issue a hefty fine if you are not in compliance with the new data breach notification obligation (Meldplicht datalekken). In order to ensure the continuity of your business, we have developed a data insurance policy.

Extensive coverage for cyber risks

The data insurance policy of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits offers very extensive coverage. There are many incidents that qualify for payment, including:

  • Liability claims
  • Potential fines
  • Court defence costs
  • Potential forensic investigation required
  • Data loss
  • Damage caused by employees or former employees
  • Costs of data theft or hacking
  • Loss of profits due to e.g. protracted computer system malfunctioning

In addition, you can request a free security scan from us, which provides insight into the current status of your information system security. Any investments required to improve security are for your account.

The benefits in brief

Vanbreda's data insurance policy ensures that you have a clear picture of any risks and can insure them properly wherever necessary. Below are the benefits of our insurance package in brief:

  • Complete coverage
  • All of the most common risks covered in a single policy
  • Damage? We can be reached 24/7
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Low excess
  • Administrative ease

More information

Would you like to know more about cyber risks and solutions? Jaap van Proosdij is happy to assist you!