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Why is solid risk management important? Allow us to explain. The world is changing rapidly. For entrepreneurs such as you, this change means new challenges and wonderful opportunities! However, it can also entail new and different risks. These risks can affect your business continuity. As a result, they require careful consideration, prevention wherever possible and insurance coverage when necessary. The goal is to safeguard your business operations.

The benefits of risk management

What are the benefits that risk management can offer to your organisation?

  • Risks are prevented as much as possible.
  • Any damage has the least possible impact on your business operations.
  • Costs are kept as low as possible.
  • Only risks are run that suit your organisation.

Working on risk management together

Effective risk management is the result of working well together. While you know all that there is to know about your organisation, we know everything about risks. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly which current risks should worry you now and in the future when it comes to claims, liability and employees. We would love to discuss this matter with you and determine how you can deal with the risks within your business, as well as how to insure against them wherever desirable and necessary. This strategy will allow you to strengthen the foundations of your business continuity with confidence!

Risk management in six steps

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has a step-by-step risk management plan that will yield the best possible results. It will also allow you to understand exactly what you can expect from our working method.

  1. Risk profile: We first want to know who you are and what your organisation looks like. In getting to know each other, we want to learn what your take on risk management is and how you view risks. This information will allow us to draw up your risk profile.
  2. Risk analysis: Next, we take an even closer look. We conduct an analysis of the risks specifically facing your organisation, as well as the risks that our many years of experience have shown us to exist now or in the future. Then we will weigh these risks for you. What risks are you willing and able to bear, and which risks should you cover?
  3. Prevention: Prevention is a crucial aspect to us, because it is an important element of risk management. As a result, we also provide advice and support on prevention to establish how it can be incorporated in your business processes according to plan.
  4. Insurance solutions: With all risks that we will cover, we will find and select the best insurance solutions for you.
  5. Market analysis: We will conduct market analysis to determine which insurer and which specific solution suit your situation the best.
  6. Management and maintenance: Finally, we will take care of the management and maintenance of those insurance solutions in order to ensure that they are suitable and remain so for your situation and your organisation, even when they change.

Do not postpone risk management unnecessarily – get in touch with us free of charge

Many organisations have already done so. We are curious to hear which issues you are facing and happy to contribute our thoughts free of charge. Want to know more? Please get in touch with our risk specialist, Jaap van Proosdij.