Your partner in international risk management

Organisations with foreign branches are often confronted with specific circumstances and risks. Legislation and markets can differ from country to country. You want to be sure that matters have been arranged correctly for all your branches, in a manner that suits your organisation. This situation makes it rewarding to work with a party that knows your company and the market inside out, just as well as you do – a party well aware of the various options that exist in the countries in which your company is operating. Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has exactly that to offer.

Strong local service thanks to extensive international network

At Vanbreda, you can put your trust in a tailored international programme. In this programme, we acquire information on specific foreign markets from our partners in the Lockton Global network, an international partnership in which Vanbreda Risk & Benefits participates. This network allows us to provide you with the service that you seek, anywhere in the world, based on strong local service as well as knowledge of all risk and insurance areas.

By managing a number of complex construction risks, Vanbreda has proved its added value. Their transparency as well as their knowledge are undisputed, and we work together very well internationally.
(GDF Suez – Energy Europe)

Establishing your risks, at home and abroad

It is important to have a clear picture of the risks that you are facing and the right way to cover these risks. To this end, our specialists will draw up a detailed risk analysis of your organisation and the market in which you are involved. Wherever necessary, we will obtain information from our partners in the Lockton network.

Vanbreda risk management:

Risk Analysis Steps

Making your own optimal choices

Based on the risk analysis, we will discuss possible solutions for your specific situation with you, even if we recommend that you do not cover a certain risk. This information will allow you to make a well-informed choice of which risks either or not to cover. Have you reached a decision? If so, we will ensure that it is carried out. In addition, we will regularly evaluate with you whether the package still meets your wishes and requirements, in order to adjust matters in time when your situation changes.

Efficient claim settlement

To ensure your business continuity, it is important to settle claims quickly and properly. For this reason, our advisers will draw up suitable claim procedures together with you. You will maintain a good overview thanks to clear reports and statistics. This way, you can see at a glance on which risks you need to focus and which preventive measures you can take. The Claims team staff will take the lead in this endeavour. They will allow you to keep your focus on what drives you: doing business.

Complete service package

All things considered, Vanbreda offers a complete service package for every business, including ones with branches abroad. Below are the benefits once again in brief:

  • A company based in the Benelux with a strong international network
  • Wide-ranging expertise related to risk management and insurance
  • Personal, flexible, innovative and proactive
Vanbreda manages to integrate our focus on financial objectives with a professional and efficient claims administration of the medical costs incurred by our employees.
(Total Petrochemicals)

More information

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