ECODASS Insurance Services

Our sister company ECODASS Insurance Services is an authorised underwriting agent. In other words, ECODASS Insurance Services has been authorised by a number of insurance companies to accept new insurance policies on these companies' behalf, to carry out the administrative handling of current policies and to settle damage claims.

Attractive policy terms, a premium in line with market rates and bespoke solutions when needed: we feel these are important elements in the insurance solutions we hope to recommend to you, combined with quality and top-notch service with regard to policy administration and quick handling of claims.

With ECODASS Insurance Services, we can take care of all of this to your satisfaction. What's more, we conduct regular assessments to ensure the products our underwriting agency offers are always competitive. This enables us to not only offer solid products, but ensure they are accompanied by fast, comprehensive service as well. Which is why, if your situation warrants it, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits will often manage your insurance coverage within our own underwriting agency. We provide advice based on an analysis of the entire market only when we have a written agreement with you to do so.

The financial risk of insurance policies purchased from an underwriter is borne by the insurance companies. At all times, they retain responsibility for the proper implementation of the insurance contract you have entered into with them via ECODASS Insurance Services.

For more information, visit www.ecodassinsuranceservices.nl