Employee pensions that suit your possibilities

Employees truly appreciate a good pension scheme, but what exactly does such a scheme entail and how do you approach this matter? Our pension consultants look forward to discussing what type of scheme you could offer to your employees – one that suits your possibilities and wishes.

Collective pension scheme

Arrange your employees' pension in a collective pension scheme. An initial consultation will serve to outline your wishes and options. We will then investigate which products on offer in the market best suit your company's situation. The final decision is taken together.

Implementation and management of employees' pensions

Once a pension scheme has been selected for your employees' pensions, there are many things that you will have to deal with as an employer. These things include the implementation, management and communication related to the new pension scheme. We are happy to assume as much of the work as possible. We will inform your employees about what a collective pension scheme involves and what costs they entail. In addition, we will keep them informed of any future developments related to legislation, coverage ratio and interest rate that could affect their pension.

Why choose Vanbreda Risk & Benefits?

  • Excellent pension advice
  • Quality assurance (RPA membership)
  • Clear and independent pension advice
  • Pension scheme implementation and management
  • Employee notification on pensions

Frequently asked questions about employee pensions

Many employers have questions about their current pension schemes or the conclusion of a new collective pension scheme. Is there a better way to arrange our employee pensions? Could a collective pension scheme be a good idea for us? When would it be possible to change our pension scheme and how do we do so? Does our current pension scheme still suit us and does it comply with the latest legislation? Which pension issues are you facing?

More information

Would you like to know more about pensions and the help that we could provide for you? René Hooftman is happy to assist you!