Comprehensive health management for your organisation

With or without income protection insurance

NLG Arbo offers much more than the usual advice on occupational disability. Comprehensive health management also entails keeping your employees healthy and preventing incapacity as well as absence.

Advice & training, prevention and case management

Our services comprise three components:

  1. Advice & training: Do you require a thorough business analysis to achieve a better picture of health and absenteeism at your company? Are you searching for improvements and ways to introduce them in a feasible manner? Or are you looking for a good way to implement your absenteeism policy? Have you ever considered providing your managers as well as the human resources department with training and coaching? We are here to assist you, to gain insight into your situation and to outline ways of addressing any issues.
  2. Prevention: Business will profit if your employees feel well in every sense of the word. This fact makes investing in health management a sound choice at all times. With proper facilities and attention to a healthy lifestyle, we try and keep employee absenteeism to a minimum.
  3. Case management: Occupational disability is something that can suddenly affect one of your employees. We are happy to provide advice in these instances. Our case manager will advise on the possibilities of the employee returning to work. The case manager will get in touch with the employee, occupational physician, occupational consultant and any other parties involved. 

For employers

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to ensure sound working conditions for your employees and ensure that you have a robust and effective sickness absence policy in place. Selecting NLG Arbo means choosing the best solution, suited to your type of business and the size of your company.

For employees

It is never nice to be sick or to experience something at work that prevents you from carrying on. You and your employer share the responsibility of getting back to work as soon as possible. At NLG Arbo, you have your own case manager, who will provide proper supervision during the process – someone who understands that you want to continue working in good health.

NLG Arbo goes one step further

Our services are supported by modern online applications, which can be deployed separately or in conjunction. They allow for a single portal to be created where your administration as well as your data processes related to human resources are conducted efficiently and correctly.

Advice from our case managers?

In recent years, we have proven our added value for employers and employees. Currently, several of our branch offices can provide the same quality in case management. We are curious to hear which issues you are facing and happy to contribute our thoughts free of charge.

More information

Please get in touch with Caroline Urbanus, our employability consultant.