Make your event a success

Your employee is clumsy in handing a guest her red wine. The spilled wine ruins her expensive dress and the woman demands damages. Or someone was decorating the venue where you are organizing a trade fair. He falls from a ladder and is permanently disabled. Or you have raised a large event tent as venue for your staff party. The day prior to the party, a massive storm rolls over. The event tent cannot cope and is blown away. You have to cancel the party.

It could be a convention or a trade fair, a network meeting or a staff party. As an SME, you could have all sorts of reasons to organise an appealing event. Event insurance is the way to cover the risks.

No worries

As you can see, all sorts of things may go wrong just before or during an event, no matter how well you have prepared. If you have event insurance, at least you will not have to worry about the financial consequences.

Various modules

Actually, event insurance is not a single insurance policy, but it comprises separate modules. Liability, accidents, damage to goods and materials, theft, cancellation and more can be included in the policy. The insurance will apply for the duration of the event.

The best insurance

Are you organising an event for your business? If you get in touch with Raymond Hess, we can discuss which risks should be considered for insurance and what the insured amounts would be. We will then find and select the insurance that best suits your needs.

More information

Please get in touch with our event specialist, Raymond Hess.