FAQ COVID-19 and insurances

There are many insurance related questions about the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. We have made an overview of frequently asked questions. We have tried to provide as much clarity as possible about what is and what is not reimbursed if you have damage caused by the corona virus. However, whether or not damage is covered will always depend on the terms of the specific policy. This may differ per insurer and policy. If you want to know for sure what your insurance does or does not cover. Please contact one of our advisors. They will gladly help you.


How can I contact Vanbreda Risk & Benefits?

Until September, our employees work from home as much as possible. They can log in to our systems here and can be reached by telephone or e-mail. You can simply reach us at the well-known telephone numbers and e-mail addresses:

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Due to this way of working, you may have to wait a little longer before you contact us or receive a response. We ask for your understanding.

Health care

What is covered under the Dutch basic health-care plan?

The basic health-care plan covers regular care in the Netherlands to treat the corona virus, even if you incur health-care costs during home quarantine. The deductible applies to most healthcare costs, such as hospital care and laboratory research. Please note that you need to pay health-care costs to the maximum of the annual excess yourself.

I would like to be checked for the coronavirus. Is this covered?

Testing for the coronavirus only makes sense with health complaints that fit the coronavirus.Your doctor decides whether a check is required. If it is, the basic health-care plan will reimburse the costs. Preventive tests (test that are not approved by your doctor or RIVM) are not reimbursed under the basic insurance or the supplementary insurance.

I want to protect myself with mouth masks and disinfectant gel. Do I get these reimbursed?

Face masks or disinfectant gel are not reimbursed under the basic insurance or the supplementary insurance. RIVM only advises professional mouth masks for medical personnel. The simple paper mouth caps do not protect against the virus.

What is covered if you go abroad?

Before you travel abroad, always check the current travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for your travel destination.

Green or yellow travel advice
If you are traveling to an area that is still considered safe at the moment of departure (travel advice colour code: green or yellow) you are still covered by your basic and supplementary insurance plans.
Even when the travel advice changes when you are already at your destination.

Orange or red travel advice
If you are traveling to a risk area (travel advice colour code: orange or red), only costs covered by your basic health-care plan are eligible for reimbursement. Generally supplementary health-care plans, do not cover any expenses.

Medical costs abroad may turn out higher than in the Netherlands. The basic health-care plan covers expenses up to a maximum of the Dutch rate. You will have to pay costs that exceed the Dutch rate yourself.

180 days maximum
Take into account that in general the coverage is valid for up to 180 days and that coverage stays in effect if you exceed this maximum period due to a mandatory quarantine. Please contact your insurer to find out the exact conditions.

Your supplementary health-care plans do not cover any costs incurred in an area for which a negative travel advice has been implemented (travel advice code orange or red).

I have to be quarantined abroad. Do I get this reimbursed?

Do you have to stay at your holiday address longer because of the risk of infection? Then you incur additional costs for your stay. These costs are not covered by health insurance. Consult with your travel insurer whether you are insured for this and what costs will be reimbursed.

Business and work

My company is missing out on income due to the corona virus. Can I claim insurance?

No, this is business interruption and that risk is only covered by business interruption insurance if there is material damage and that is not the case here.

As an employer I have WGA insurance. My staff got sick with the corona virus. Can I benefit from this insurance?

Yes, the cause of the disease is irrelevant.

Does sickness insurance cover if my employee is unable to perform his job due to illness due to the virus?

Yes, the cause of the disease is irrelevant.

Does absenteeism insurance cover if my employee is unable to perform his work because he has been quarantined?

No, absenteeism insurance covers the continued payment of wages in case of sick employees. If someone is unable to work for a reason other than illness, for example because he / she has to remain in quarantine for preventive reasons, or is not allowed to leave a certain area, there is no cover for any continued payment of wages.

Due to fear of the coronavirus, I cannot do any work. Does disability insurance pay out?

No, disability insurance covers loss of income due to illness or disability. This is not the case in this situation.

I got sick by a colleague who contracted the virus and then showed up at the office. Can I hold my employer liable?

In order to hold someone liable for this, you must be able to demonstrate that he / she has committed a wrongful act, which can be attributed to him and that the damage was caused as a result. This will be very difficult to demonstrate in practice.


I am traveling and have to make extra travel - and accommodation- costs because I must stay at my destination longer because of the Corona virus. Is this insured?

Extra travel and accommodation costs are only insured if you or your co-insured becomes seriously ill during your trip. Please contact your travel company, hotel or transport company first.

I am traveling and have to incur medical expenses due to the corona virus. Is this insured?

Do you have medical costs included in your travel insurance? Then you are insured for costs due to illness during the trip in addition to the reimbursement of your health insurance. Note: Your health insurance must also provide coverage in the country where you are traveling. Only an additional reimbursement will be made by your travel insurance.

My travel destination has been affected by the corona virus. That is why I don’t want to and/or cannot go on vacation to this area anymore. Is this insured?

No. Please contact your travel company, hotel or transport company first.

I am not allowed to enter the country I am travelling to (entry ban) due to the corona virus. Am I
insured for this?

No. Please contact your travel company, hotel or transport company first.

I am quarantined at home, but the virus has not yet been diagnosed. Is this insured in my cancellation cover?

No. Please contact your travel company, hotel or transport company first.

I am diagnosed with the corona virus. Is this covered by my cancellation coverage?

The cancellation cover provides cover for canceling or aborting a trip through a serious
disease. Insurers assess this on a case-by-case basis.

I am traveling in an area where the coronavirus is prevalent. That's why I want to abort my journey. Can I claim the unused travel days on my cancellation cover?

No. There is no cover for canceling a trip (unused travel days) because of a contamination hazard.

My trip was canceled due to the corona virus by the travel agency, tour operator or transport company. Are these costs reimbursed?

No, the cost of canceling your trip due to the corona virus is not covered. This also applies if your travel destination is subject to a negative travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to the corona virus. In both cases we advise you to contact the travel agency, the tour operator or the transport company where the trip was booked.

I am in an area where the corona virus has been detected. Will I be repatriated by my travel insurer?

No, repatriation without medical reasons (ie without being ill or without a medical accident) is not included in the basic coverage of a travel insurance. Is there repatriation for medical reasons? Then this is covered.


Disclaimer: Although care has been taken in drawing up this page, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions. No rights can be derived from the information on this web page. Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about your circumstances or your insurance.