Havelaar van Stolk and Helviass Verzekeringen acquired by Vanbreda Nederland

7 Dec 2022

As of January 1, 2023, insurance broker Havelaar & van Stolk B.V. and underwriting company Helviass Verzekeringen B.V. are acquired by Vanbreda Netherlands. With this acquisition, the companies are joining forces when it comes to knowledge about risk management in the Dutch market, upscaling and purchasing power.

Complementary services

Havelaar & van Stolk is based in Rotterdam and advises large and small companies in various market sectors. In addition, Havelaar & van Stolk is also active as a service provider for affiliated intermediary companies. ‘The services of Havelaar & van Stolk and Helviass Verzekeringen are complementary to those of Vanbreda and are in line with our strategy for the future. We are therefore pleased with this acquisition, which allows us to further implement our growth ambitions,' says Coen van Ham, CEO of Vanbreda Netherlands.

Shared vision and working method

Havelaar & van Stolk and Vanbreda fit well together. Valentina Visser, managing director of Havelaar & van Stolk: 'We both advise on the (large) business market and have various propositions for target groups. Here we can further complement and strengthen each other. Together we will further expand Service Provision to our sub-agents for both stock exchange and power of attorney. We are happy with a partner like Vanbreda, a family business that focuses on customer interests and is focused on the long term.


Vanbreda Nederland acquires 100% of the shares in Havelaar & van Stolk and Helviass Verzekeringen from Allianz Nederland Groep N.V.. Allianz acquires a minority share in Vanbreda Nederland and in this way remains connected to the intermediary distribution channel. Vanbreda Nederland will continue to provide unfettered and independent advice to its customers. To guarantee this, clear agreements have been made.

The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and advice from the Allianz works council on the proposed transaction. The acquisition is then expected to be completed in early 2023.

For the time being under its own name

For the time being, Havelaar & van Stolk and Helviass Verzekeringen will continue under their own name with Valentina Visser as managing director. In the next year, we will look at how both companies will be integrated into Vanbreda Netherlands. The starting point here is that there is and remains a place for all employees.

Vanbreda Netherlands

After completion of the transaction, Vanbreda Netherlands will be active with four companies:

  • Vanbreda Risk & Benefits and NLG Arbo in Gouda;
  • Havelaar & van Stolk in Rotterdam;
  • Helviass insurance in Rotterdam;
  • Insucare and ArboTeam in Eindhoven.