Does your employer offer a pension plan?

11 Apr 2019

The CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics) reported, at the end of last year, 13% of employees in the Netherlands don't have a pension scheme, this came as a surprise to politicians. It has been assumed, this percentage was a lot lower. Employees have to take action if they don't accrue pension with employers!

At the end of 2016, a total of 856,000 employees did not accrue pension within a pension scheme. That is 13% of all employees. In previous statistics, 4% was assumed, but the CBS has now used a more accurate method, which revealed a much higher percentage of pensioners. A large proportion (40%) of employees without a pension scheme have a permanent contract. The other employees have a temporary or flexible contract.

Are you an employer and have not arranged a pension scheme for your employees?

Please be advised, for many elderly, a pension scheme is the most important source of income alongside the AOW (State pension). And for many, individual saving for a supplementary income is a not a option. A pension scheme can be arranged in many, fiscal friendly, variants. Your employees are your most important capital: therefore, we can assist in setting up a pension scheme that will fit within your company, and budget. This will help employees to save up for their retirement.

Build up your own pension

Financial certaincy at a later age is very important. And a pension scheme, arranged by employers makes a significant contribution to future income. The company you work for don't, in some cases, have a pension obligation, so you will have to do something yourself to ensure retirement income. We can help.

First an analysis...

The starting point for our advice is getting to know your wishes and options for your pension. That is why we first want to get a complete financial picture. What is your income, what do you do about wealth creation? Do you have a home of your own and when will the mortgage being paid off? Do you have children and until when do you expect to have to support them financially? Have you already accrued pension with previous employers and, if so, what is the state of this pension? Your age and the time remaining to build up pension are of course also important to analyse.

... then advice...

Only when we have a full picture of your options and your needs, we will advice on several options.

Would you like to know more?

Are you not accruing a pension or do you have other questions to ask? Feel absolutely free to contact Robert Hilhorst.